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Snake gourd

Snake gourd is an ingredient used in Indian cooking Also known as:
Pudalankaai, Potlakaaya, Padavalanga, Paduvalakaayi.

The plants are commonly grown in South India for their snake-like greyish white spongy fruits.  They often reach up to 150 cm. in length and 8 cm. in thickness. There is also a short-fruited type.

Commonly used in:
Snake gourd is mainly used in South Indian cuisine. It is used in curries, sautéed with spices as a side dish or cooked in sambar.

Health benefit:
Snake gourd is a natural antibiotic, expectorant, and laxative. It can disperse phlegm, remove pus, expel toxic matter and is anti-inflammatory. It creates a cooling effect in the body. Snake gourd is a tonic for the heart.

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Chef Balvinder Pal Singh Lubana

Chef Balvinder Pal Singh Lubana

Chef Balvinder, an expert in North Indian cuisine, is the Executive Sous Chef at Renaissance Lucknow Hotel.

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