Dunkin Donuts' first store in Chennai

Dunkin Donuts' first store in Chennai

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By Sneha M

Can you imagine jalapeno, raw mango sauce and cheese together in a burger. Yes, you heard it right! That’s Dunkin’ Donuts for you.

Dunkin’ Donuts, who entered India in 2012, opened its first outlet in Chennai at the packed Phoenix Market City. The store is spacious and the ambience pleasing. You will find a wide variety of not just donuts but delicious burgers, wraps, coffees and iced teas on their menu.

In pics: Dunkin' Donuts launch in Chennai

“Not everyone will like everything on the menu but everyone definitely will love few of them,” Mr. Dev Amritesh, president & COO at Dunkin’ Donuts India said during a culinary workshop that was held on Friday. Each item before it is launched goes in for at least 20 rounds of testing by the expert chefs and the President himself.

Lets start with their burgers - they look so scrumptious that it’s hard to resist. Ample choice for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians, their burgers are named innovatively too. They go like ‘Brute Tough Guy’, ‘Heaven Can Wait’, ‘Naughty Lucy’, ‘Crunchy Joe’ to name a few. The ‘Naughty Lucy Burger’ is a definite melt in the mouth, its patty oozes cheese and the green mango sauce gives it a playful twang.

Next comes the wraps that are named as ‘Wicked Wraps’ and ‘Not So Wicked Wrap’. Adding crunchy nachos in wraps!! Yes, that’s wicked. Croissant sandwiches, salads and a handful of snacks also feature on their menu.

‘Gobagonu’, ‘Very Very Blueberry’, ‘No More Blues’, ‘Hug Me’, ‘Ugly Strawberry’, ‘Stuck On You’ are among the 20 famous donuts on the Dunlin’ Donuts menu card. The most striking one is called ‘It’s A Mistake’ like seriously if the name wasn’t enough, this donut is chilli guava on white chocolate. Who does that? But a bite of that beauty, you will surely love it.

From Expresso to Dunkaccinos, from Coolattas to Iced tea they have all of them covered. Their Iced tea is made to perfection. It’s freshly brewed from tealeaves with green tea, lemon grass, ginger and star anise.

Dev Amritesh emphasised that 80% of ingredients are sourced from various parts of India. “We are very specific about our taste that’s why we source donut flour from Australia and Spain while our coffee comes from Chikkamagaluru (a district in Karnataka),” he added.

Although Dunkin’ Donuts will be launching other stores across Chennai, for now your donut destination is at Phoenix Market City.