4 refreshing watermelon recipes you can try!


Watermelon has 92% water content and it keeps one refreshed and revitalised.

Loaded with Vitamin A and C, it strengthens immunity, improves vision and nourishes from within.

Despite being sweet, watermelon remains a low-calorie, low-fat, guilt-free indulgence for those mindful of their weight and wellness.

It also aids in digestive health and prevents constipation.

Due to its hydrating properties, the fruit is the skin’s best friend as well.

A hydrating fruit that is healthy for most people. It's a sweet and refreshing fruit that can be relished any time of the day. 

Make best use of summer fruits by trying out our exclusive recipes.

Microwave Watermelon Halwa

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Melon Ice Cream

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Chunky Watermelon Salad

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Watermelon Lemonade

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