Our chosen drinks this party season

Wondering how to add the zing to your party this weekend? Fret not!  

Here is a compilation of the top party recipes from our team. Do try them out and comment on how it went!


Mango Mint Drink


How can we make mangoes taste better? Some mint. If you are sceptical we challenge you to try this.

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Hot Toffee Drink


Want a change from the regular hot chocolate you curl up with during a rainy evening? Try this out today!

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Chocolate Mousse with Drinking Chocolate


An unusual pairing you say? We thought so too, till we tasted it and was blown away.

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Black Raisin-Saunf Drink


A refreshing drink that you can't say no to.

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Thandai Spiced Almond Drink


Easy to make drink that is a sure short party favourite.

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Hot Citrus Drink


 Add punch to the drinks with this recipe for hot citrus and prepare to be wowed. 

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