Cocktails to cheer your team this WC

Whether you’re hosting a screening or crashing on a friend’s couch to watch the game - you don't want to miss a minute of the gripping World Cup match. To ensure you aren't in the kitchen putting together elaborate cocktails for everyone, prepare some easy-to-make cocktail recipes for that wonderful evening.

The team at vodka brand Smirnoff, has come up with a few 'simple drinks' that are enjoyable and easy to prepare while you enjoy the World Cup, said a statement.

All Rounder: Fill a tall glass with ice and pour 30ml Smirnoff Vodka and 90 ml Orange Juice. Stir the drink well and garnish with a slice of orange for a tangy all-round orange experience.

Smirnoff ICE: Plan on celebrating the win of your favourite team? Keep a few chilled bottles of Smirnoff ICE Black or ICE Red near you to kick start the after party. Refreshing in taste and convenient, ICE is the ideal option to take the fun factor up a notch.

LBW: Add six cubes of ice in a rock glass to 45ml of Smirnoff Espresso vodka. Top up the glass with cola and sip until your taste buds shout "Howzzat"

'Bold' Over: Pour 45ml of Smirnoff Black vodka in a shot glass and spice it up with a drop of Tabasco. While the all-new bold Smirnoff Black vodka promises a smoky taste, the touch of Tabasco will be sure to bowl you over.

Captain's Cooler: Fill a tall glass with ice and pour 30ml Smirnoff Green Apple vodka and 90ml Sprite. Squeeze three wedges of lime and stir well. The sweet and refreshing taste would be the perfect drink after a high intensity match.

Stumped: Pour 30ml of Smirnoff into a tall glass of sparkling water with 4 wedges of lime and 4 cubes of ice. The lime adds a citrusy zing that will surely leave your taste buds 'stumped'.

Source: IANS