Hitachi, the refrigerator your kitchen deserves this Diwali

Thinking of a new refrigerator? Well then, this festive Diwali is the perfect moment to invest in one. Hitachi, the consumer durable brand, has a cool line-up of refrigerators for an exciting winter and Super-chilled summer.

Besides the cool features, this is one investment your kitchen well deserves.

The Hitachi line-up promises a Super-Big refrigerator compartment, extra-wide interiors, tempered glass shelves and a Nano Titanium Filter.

A microcomputer control and eco-thermo sensor, along with a compact and high-powered inverter offers the refrigerator enough juice to powerfully vent chilled air to ensure freshness. The aero-care veg compartment utilizes technology to the fullest to ensure vegetables remain fresh and nutritious.

The compressor can handle temperature as high as 60 degrees celsius. In fact, the long-cool feature on this appliance helps maintain internal temperature for 12-15 hours at a stretch.

The fridge is a boon for customers who face frequent power fluctuations and outages. It's auto protect function guards from electric wear and tear without any loss in performance. That is a cool five grands saved for a stabilizer or power system.

The most striking feature of Hitachi's line-up is the dual fan system. The dual fans enable independent cooling for freezer and refrigerators, circulating cold air quickly and efficiently. Other brands only offer a single fan system, and hence their efficiency drops in the long run.

The Hitachi's power packed features such as AeroCare, abundant storage options and a quick water dispenser system (on some models) makes it a true upgrade for life. 


Here is a video you should check out: