Indian Microwave Recipes

In this fast paced world, we are all running behind time and at times we just don't find the time to whip up a meal. So, instead of turning to those packaged foods, we will be providing you with some delectable Indian dishes that can be fixed in minutes using a microwave.

Microwave has turned out to be such a boon to all, from the armatures to the masters. There are umpteen dishes that can be whipped in Microwave. Not just baking but you can actually make Indian dishes too in Microwave.

Bawarchi brings you 10 such recipes that would save your day.

1. Microwave Badam Peda

Learn how to make an Indian sweet - badam peda in simple and easy steps. And save time by making it in microwave.

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2. Microwaved Potato

Here is a easy to make delicious potato recipe that serves as a perfect accompaniment

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3. Microwave Kalakand

A quick and easy recipe using condensed milk, ghee and beaten yogurt.

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4. Microwave Makhani Fish Curry

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5. Microwave Aval Payasam

Desserts are no cup of tea, it's time consuming process and needs a lot of patience. So, here we are giving you a quick no fuss dessert that can sweeten your day.

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6. Microwave Carrot Halwa

Generally, carrot halwa takes a great deal of time and continuous stirring. But thanks to technology we can make this halwa in a mater of minutes. Sprinkle grated almonds, cashew nuts and pistachio nuts.

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7. Microwave Vermicelli Payasam

Make this traditional Vermicelli Payasam be following these quick and easy steps.

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8. Plain Microwave Chicken Curry

A quick and easy chicken dish for a relaxed day! Serve with dosas or phulkas.

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9. Microwave Paneer Butter Masala

Make the world famous Panner Butter Masala in a jiffy. This Simple-to-follow recipe will help you to prepare a yummy side dish.

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10. Spicy Microwave Potato Curry

A super easy recipe that is spicy to the T. And it does not take long to be ready. Served this curry along with poori, chapati, or rice.

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