Plum Cake, Chefs Style - Chefs share interesting ways of eating Christmas Plum Cake

By Madhulika Dash

Traditionally, plum cake is best had as it is. After all, it is one of the richest fruit cakes in the history of cakes – it has all kinds of dry fruits, fruits and a good amount of spirits to let your spirits soar. And for ages, plum cakes have been served au natural – as it is, perhaps a little warm if you are not already sipping a goblet of mulled wine alongside.

This is unlike the plum pudding – the ancestor of the cake and the dish that gave birth to the spirit of Christmas – which is had only after being baptised with the brandy angalise. But ever wondered how cake specialist like to have their own? Read on and find out.


1 - Chef Sharad Dewan, Regional Director – Food Production, The Park Kolkata


Style: Slightly warmed with a nicely brewed flat white
“Nothing says Christmas for me than a nice wedge of rich, moist, plum cake and a cup of freshly roasted flat white. It is a match made in haven! Of course, it is a ritual I have grown to like after playing around with the plum cake in every possible way – there was a time when I had it with caramel and even a spiced run angalise. But then we all love to experiment till we hit upon the best combination: for me, it’s a wedge of plum cake with coffee.” 


2 - Chef AkshrajJodha, Executive Chef, ITC Windsor, Bengaluru


Style: A rich plum cake with loads of raisins 
The first time I had a plum cake was at the pre- Christmas dinner at a friend’s house. A peer royal, they had presented plum cake lightly drizzled with cinnamon sugar to give the snowy feel. I remember devouring the cake and leaving the sugar icing. I loved the cake, which was full of raisins, sultanas and of course that little tipsy port wine. Even today, my favourite style of having a plum cake is to have it as it is, may be with a Buttered Rum on the side. 

3 - Chef Mir Zafar Ali, Executive Chef, the Leela Palace, Bengaluru 
Style: Au natural, with lots of macerated fruits, preferably raisins, prunes, black currant and no nuts. 


“In my years of being a dessert chef, there are a few things that I have never tampered with. One of them is the plum cake, which I consider to be the most luxurious of all. And I like my plum cake done in the classic style – with loads of port-wine macerated fruits, raisins, prunes – my prized hunt is to find a black currant or two in the first two bites. I love serving it at room temperature. And relish it before getting down to the feast. In fact, my Christmas begins with the first wedge of a plum cake.”




4 - Chef Anand Panwar, Executive Pastry Chef, Roseate Hotels & Resort
Style: With brandy butter & crème anglaise


“ I am really fond of fruit cake. And for me, plum cake tops it all. Unlike the classic case of plum cake, I like mine with a little nuts, moist laced with a brandy butter and crème anglaise. It just makes the experience so much cheerful.”

Plum Cake by Chef Anand Panwar, Executive Pastry Chef, Roseate Hotels & resorts



1.Refined flour-500gms


3.Brown sugar-500gms


5.Baking soda-17 gm

6.Baking powder- 10

6.Cinnamon powder-20gms



9.Tutti fruity-100gms


11.Black currant-100gms



14.Liquor -1 liter for soaking

15.Nutmeg powder-5gms

16.Cloves powder-5gms

17.Ginger powder-5gms 


1.Soak all the fruits in rum and mix with spice and let it rest.

2.Take out the nut mix and cut it.

3.Cream butter and sugar, now add eggs one by egg and mix well.

4.Add all fruits into this mixture and finally Mix with the flour, baking powder and soda.

5.Pour it in desired mould. And bake at 170 degree Celsius for 45 min. Decorate with icing and Xmas decorations.