Sidharth Malhotra launches Marika Johansson's book 'Healthy Kitchen'

Om Books International launched celebrity trainer and nutrition expert Marika Johansson's book 'Healthy Kitchen.'

Marika Johansson's Healthy Kitchen, published by Om Books International, reinstates the fact that a balanced diet provides the right foundation for a healthy life. Healthy Kitchen presents 80 tasty and healthy recipes that can be rustled up with ingredients easily available in India. These have already transformed thousands. It also includes a 12-week exercise programme, with 45 exercises that serve as catalysts in the transformation.

Speaking on the occasion, Marika Johansson said, "This book has the perfect recipe for a happier and healthier 'you'! Your body is your temple, so feed and nourish yourself healthy. Diet requires an 80% effort as your abs are made in the kitchen."

Actor Sidharth Malhotra, who is seen having a super-fit body in his latest release, was all praises, "The main reason that people fail with their diets is because they get bored of eating the same food. However, eating healthy could be interesting if you try out different kinds of healthy recipes. Marika changed my diet for my role in Brothers. She taught me the importance of refueling the body to help it recover from the hard and intense martial art and weightlifting workouts."

Ajay Mago, Publisher, Om Books International, said, "Marika's book addresses the crux of the matter - how to cope physically and emotionally with the challenges of our times where health has increasingly become a casualty. Good health starts in a healthy kitchen. Marika shows us how to combine sensible cooking with a great exercise regime to arrive at the most effective results. And as her publisher, I follow her book religiously."

Marika Johansson, a certified trainer and nutrition expert from Sweden, is a Master Trainer and certifies trainers all over the world. Her combination of functionality, agility and resistance training, along with composing healthy but tasty recipes to help clients succeed in their goals without succumbing to unhealthy cravings, is the key that has enabled them to change their fixed goals into limitless ones.

Here's what Bollywood celebrities had to say about Marika and her book:

Ranbir Kapoor says "With Marika's easy-to-read instructions, get ready to transform into a new and improved you. Marika's 6Pack Meals have a perfect balance of nutrition and taste that suited my requirements. So, enjoy her recipes and stay healthy."

Alia Bhatt: "I wanted to change my eating habits and diet. So, I asked Marika for help. She got me started on her balanced, healthy and very tasty meals that I had every three hours. That kept my metabolism high and burnt the fat while I felt energized. Under Marikas directions, the stress melts away as I know what to eat and how to cook healthy food.

Dieting is the toughest part of maintaining a fit physique. While workouts are fun, dieting can be taxing. Thanks to Marika, I enjoy it now. Her gourmet meals are very tasty and healthy. The food is cooked with great care. The sheer variety in the daily meals is truly remarkable and makes dieting a pleasurable experience says Ranveer Singh

Arjun Kapoor said, "My battle with my sweet tooth is an unending one. Marika showed me how I could have my sweet tooth and still get in the right nutrition. The healthy muffins she prepared for me are to die for."