Special Haleem: A delight during Ramzan!

Haleem the non-vegeterian dish with spicy ingredients has become the new favourite for the foodies. It is a Hyderabadi dish that is gaining popularity in Chennai and sold in Ramzan season.

It takes nearly eight to nine hours to prepare Haleem. First, huge drums which are sealed in stones are lit in fire in wooden blogs. Ingridients like water, salt, mutton, are then added. The half baked mutton is taken out and crushed. Later milk is added in the preparation. It takes nearly eight to nine hours to prepare a Haleem.

According to old tales insist, the rise of Haleem as a Ramadan dish was also to do with dish nourishing nature. After a day of severe fasting, it was one dish that could instantly energise, delicate on the stomach and pretty on the palate. Fascinatingly, much contrary to its simple appearance, making a good Haleem- right from its early days, demanded patience and a good hand.

You should get the perfect balance of broken wheat, mutton (usually goat’s) and spices in a manner that one spoon of it could be a flavour fiesta. You could taste the broken wheat, the tender meat, the spices, one after the other. And interestingly, these are the benchmarks that define a good Haleem even today.

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