Tricks to revive your old furniture

Give second life to your home accessories to beautify your house, says an expert.

Swati Gupta, interior designer,, shares how to revive your old furniture and accessories give a fresh look to your home without spending a fortune:

Add some character to your old and dull furniture by painting them with bright colours or by experimenting with bold textures. You can also go for colourful upholstery.

If you have an old coffee table that has been losing its charm, then turn it into a classy bench. All you have to do is paint the frame and get a comfortable cushion attached on the top.

You can give a second life to your chipped plates and mugs by breaking them into tiny pieces and beautifully arranging them in patterns. Stick them on flower pots or side tables.

Take out your ladder and place some wooden planks on its each level. By doing this you can create a rustic bookshelf for yourself.

We all end up having spare bottles of jams and pickles at home. Instead of throwing them away, you can turn them into lamp shades. You can either hang them from the ceiling or place them individually in your house.

Source: IANS