2017: The Year That Was, Food-Wise

  • ​By Madhulika Dash 

    The many highs, the little lows and the brilliant surprises that made this year, oh-so-interesting!

    Year end food stories are never an easy game. You know the time when food writers are expected to present a year full worth of brilliant, good and not-so-great experiences in a walnut shell. While retrospection is a daunting task - given how fast the food world changes in some quarters - the challenge comes when two different years look like twins –one a precursor to the success in the next.

    Like 2016 and 2017. Many of the highs of 2017 were had in fact taken baby steps in 2016 itself – like millets and moringa. Or even Charcoal Activation, the single trend that remained on the top much through the year with reams written on every aspect of this decade-old technique.  

    But this in no way means that 2017 was just the finishing and graduation year of some of the fascinating food movements in the Indian culinary scene – there have been gems too. Here, we encapsulate a few things the year was most known for – and infamous as well.