A Festival of Great Food and Wonderful Memories

  • ​By Madhulika Dash 

    To many, the festival of Bakri Eid, especially if you are witnessing it for the first time, may appear as a one that celebrates mass sacrifice – and can be a gory to watch. But scratch the surface and one realizes that the “festival of sacrifice,” isn’t only about the qurbani, but the spirit of sharing and kindness. 

    It is one of those festivals that may have started on the legend of Allah asking Abraham to sacrifice his dearest possession, but has over the years transformed into a celebration of togetherness. And one of the biggest significant factors that have helped it achieve the goal is the fascinating array of food. And interestingly, many of the dishes that we today take as part of the Eid, were initially designed for Bakri Eid. 

    Example: Kaleji Ka Salan, Seviyaan ka Zarda and the iconic Paya. In fact, for many chefs and foodies, Bakri Eid is a festival that is eagerly awaited to taste some of these dishes. Some like these…!