Bottom's Up: Trending Drinks in 2016

  • ​By: Madhulika Dash

    Beer was a drink reserved for boy's night out, wine was when you were out on date, champagne when the big question had to be popped, and whiskey when you were in a mood to really celebrate you. Cocktails, on the other hand, were for times when you wanted to drink, enjoy - enjoy and drink.

    But 2008 came Microbreweries and changed everything. Beer suddenly became an indulgence, a more leisure choice like once rum was.

    Next to see a makeover was Wine. Special wine and food pairings, tasting sessions, stomps and live sangria bar - and wine went from formal to a vino for all seasons and reasons.

    That's the beauty of the bar that can change a drink to haute and happening in a mix (pun intended). So what's the plan this year? From Craft beers to artisanal cocktails to vintage dramas, here's what you have to look out for:

    Image Credits: Farzi Cafe & Lavaash By Saby