Can you make that Cerelac style?

  • ​Text By: Madhulika Dash 

    And a few other strange food orders that make pink sauce seem to like play-dough! 

    Two years ago at the Slow Food India edition, Chef Joel Basumatrai, an expert in curating an indigenous insect menu, was asked after a demo: Do you do cockroaches as well, they have the crunch!? Before the slow food advocate could recover with an answer came another, I like the way you created the ant chutney, but can you do one without the ant? 

    The Naga chef, in order to not offend decided to create something with dried shrimp, though he admits, “I had to skip the cockroaches.” Curiously, when it comes to restaurant, strange orders are a norm. Some do it by virtue of the peculiarity of their order, others, say chefs, “do it because of sheer ignorance (or absolute drunkedness).” 

    Here is a sample: