Navratri Vrat Recipes: 9-day Menu Plan

  • ​By Haneen Raihana 

    Navratri is a 9-day long religious festival devoted to Goddess Durga. 

    The ritual of fasting is followed widely in northern parts of India along with the puja ceremony and cultural events. Other states of the country also exhibit their happiness by witnessing diverse traditions like showcasing of Golu dolls in Tamil Nadu and special Durga Puja celebration in West Bengal. 

    Many Indians observe a vrat or a fast during those nine days. (Navratri starts from 10th October and ends by 18th October in 2018). 

    Meat, lentils, flour and regular rice are avoided during a Navratri fast. Vegetables like potatoes, sweet potatoes, arbi, yam, carrots, cucumber and bottle gourd are allowed. Those observing the vrat use rock salt (sendha Namak) instead of regular salt and Samak ke Chawal instead of regular rice. 

    From Samvat Ke Chawal to Kuttu Ka Atta, Bawarchi lists down recipes that are made with these saatvik ingredients.