Reinterpreting Independence!

  • By Madhulika Dash

    India’s top chefs share what the spirit of being free means to them, one dish at a time.

    Nothing expresses emotions and translates feelings like food. A dish does more than just calms the mind, warms the soul and teases the palate, it also lends one the true meaning of happiness, elation, victory, friendship, and freedom. The Porus- Alexander is an oft-told classic case of the prowess of food.

    Though legend has it that the Sikandari Raan made in honour of the great warrior was what forged an enduring friendship between the two bravehearts, it was the routine scrambled egg that say folklore made the dent. Closer times, the banal roti became a reason to kickstart the revolution that got India its freedom.

    This Independence Day, we had some of the India’s finest culinary minds to share their dishes that defined the spirit of freedom and thought.