Valentine's Day and Single!

  • By Madhulika Dash

    For Valentine's this year, we get 4 Chefs to come together to create a meal to celebrate being single, footloose and fancy free!

    Not so long ago, this status could be enough to get you into a spool of low. And understandably so. After all, where do singles go on a day that over the years has been dedicated to couples only: from interesting offers on goodies to even special meal for two. But not this year. We get three fabulous chefs to create a table that celebrates being single – with anecdotes of how each dish made their Bachelor time one of the funnest.

    The bonus: While one of them even dates to the time of Emperor Claudius II, who ruse to Valentine's Day was to show how interesting remaining single was; the other deals with the finest ingredient of Italian cuisine.

    Bon Appetite!