Also known as:
Chuqandar, Senkizhangu, Table beet

Beetroot's deep red colour has earned the reputation as the most bossy of vegetables. Beetroot is a firm, clean globe shaped vegetable and characterised by dark purple skni and a distinctive purple flesh. Beet is a native of Mediterranean region

Commonly used in:
The beetroot are eaten either grilled, boiled, or roasted as a cooked vegetable, cold as a salad after cooking and adding oil and vinegar, or raw and shredded, either alone or combined with any salad vegetable. In Eastern Europe beet soup, such as borscht, is a popular dish. In Indian cuisine, chopped, cooked, spiced beet is a common side dish. Beetroot can also be used to make wine

Health Benefits:
Helps reduce blood pressure. Prevents plaque formation and reduces bad cholesterol. Good for arthritis and keep diabetes under check. They are used to treat anaemia and improves sexual health.