Cluster bean

Also known as: 
Gowar ki pali, Kothavarangai, Ghori Kai

The guar bean or cluster bean, has have a slightly bitter taste.  It has been proved to be helpful in treating diabetic conditions. The bean has a good amount of dietary fibers and proteins, which is helpful in weight loss treatment. The stomach takes time to digest the fibers, keeping your stomach full for a longer time, so you end up eating less and thereby tend to loose weight easier. Apparently the Cluster beans are further stuffed with Vitamin C and K, the latter being important in the bone health and in the development of a healthy fetus. The Cluster bean seeds are dried and ground into guar gum. This flour is used as thickening agent instead of gelatin in ice-creams, cheese and sauces. Cluster beans are not only low in calories but are also very effective in lowering the blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Commonly used in: 
It is steamed, boiled or fried seasoned with mustard and garnished with coconut.
It is also used in curries and bhajis. 

Health benefit: 
It is rich in dietary fibre and lowers blood cholesterol levels.  It offers heart health benefits and helps maintain a well digestive system. , It also contains Vitamin C that makes bones and teeth stronger.